Our products are baked fresh everyday with selected ingredients to satisfy your personal tests.
 S A N D W I C H   B R E A D S   

Ciabatta Square Ciabatta Square Rosemary Ciabatta Square Tomato
Ciabatta Square Onion Honey Whole Wheat Square Rustic Round Roll
Rustic Round Roll Onion 8 Grain Round Roll Honey WW Round Roll
Pumpernickle Hoagie Sour Dough Hoagie Ciabatta Club
Ciabatta Club Onion 8 Grain Honey WW Club Assorted Sandwich Rolls

 P U L L M A N    L O A F   

8 Grain Whole Wheat Whole Wheat French Country
Pumpernickle Rye Sour Dough
Sunflower Assorted Pullman

 B A G U E T T E S   

Ciabatta Long French
Multi Grain Rustic Firenza
Sour Dough Whole Wheat

 D I N N E R    R O L L S   

French Cluster Rosemary Cluster Wallnut-Raisin Cluster
Sourdough Boule Sourdough Onion

 F O C C O C I A   

Pizza Tomato